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Gaming MythsEdit

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Urban myths and legends have existed for centuries, and can center around just about anything. In the old day, people believed in witches and warlocks putting curses on their family and livestock. These days, we don't bother with such ridiculous notions. We have other, more modern ridiculous notions!

Have you ever recieved a chain letter ordering you to pass it on or a monster will come in the night and kill you and your family? Or that Bill Gates ill eat your hard drive? How about the myth about waking up in a hotel room after a party with a missing kidney and a note saying 'call 911'? I think just about everyone is familiar with this nonsense. Superstition today is just as strong as it was back then, otherwise chain letters wouldn't make it through the first group of people it was sent to.

The gaming world is also full of it's share of myths, and here you can find a growing library of urban legends in games, be they big or small.

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